Compiler Research and the Kylin Compiler Project

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    CAPSL has been the gate keeper of Open64 -- a suite of optimizing compiler development tools for Intel Itanium(TM) systems running Linux. The Open64 project is the continuation of the SGI Pro64(TM) compiler suite which was released under the GNU General Public License (GPL). The Open64 compiler suite currently includes compilers for C, C++, and Fortran90/95 compilers for the IA-64 Linux ABI and API standards.

    The CAPSL Open64 compiler team uses Open64 as a research code base to develop both parallelization and optimization technology for a number of target architectures -- from superscalar/VLIW architectures to parallel multithreaded architectures. We are aiming at significant improvements enhancing the code generator methodology of Open64, in addition to enhancing intermediate representations in WHIRL. We will be working on enhancements in the code generator methodology that can expedite architecture-specific performance optimizations and reduce compile-time cost.

    The Kylin C compiler (kcc) developed by the Delaware team, based on the Open64 compiler suite, is a C compiler with a first target of the Intel's XScale architecture. It is a cross compiler that runs on a Linux platform and generates code for the XScale platform. The KCC compiler keeps all the high level optimizations performed by the Open64 compiler. The code generator has been retargeted to the XScale instruction set architecture. The object code produced by the KCC compiler can link with objects produced by other compilers such as RedHat GNUpro. Kylin C compiler is also being retargeted to other architectures with collaboration from the industry.

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